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Support for this Series

Call for Funding

Earth Factor Asia, calls on environmentally conscious corporations, foundations, and individuals to assist us in maintaining and extending this video series and our on line presence.  

The initial episodes are made possible by a generous contribution from the Noble Group Charity Foundation Limited of Hong Kong.

In order to produce more educational videos, the producers seek further underwriting.  Sponsors receive ten second video billboards on all programs as broadcast on American Public Broadcasting stations (PBS).   PBS stations reach upmarket viewers in more than 300 regions across the United States.  Our California affiliate, KCSM-TV, San Mateo, Calfornia, in the heart of Silicon Valley reaches more than six million viewers in the San Francisco area. 

In other markets - in Asia and Europe - sponsors receive the benefits of branded programming in association with educational, environmental video content.   Regulations on advertising vary from place to place.

Identification with EARTH FACTOR is a way for corporations to enhance their CSR platforms.  

Join us at Earth Factor by contacting -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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