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Episode Guide

Episode One - Fresh Air. Beginning in southeastern China, with reporting on air quality in the Pearl River estuary, we examine the ongoing battle against pollution across China. Earth Factor Asia profiles people working to build environmental awareness and reduce pollution in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province. We look ahead at the effort to create a "green" Olympics in Beijing in August 2008.  We travel to Vancouver Canada, where scientists have assembled new evidence that prevailing winds are carrying large amounts of dust and chemical pollutants to the West Coast of North America.
AND in a regular feature in each program, EARTH FACTOR YOU, we profile an individual trying to make a difference.   We invite YOU to nominate your candidate for environmentally conscious people in the Asian region to appear in our series.             

Episode Two - Sustainable Development.   From Shanghai, Earth Factor Asia examines the long term efforts to change the environmental habits of the Chinese nation.   We go to Changshu where government and industry are working together to clean up polluting factories.  We profile a sustainable city of the future.  And we visit a unique youth project at a Shanghai High School where young people are investing in a greener future.

Episode Three - Endangered Rivers.   We examine two of the great rivers of the world and offer solutions on how endangered rivers may be saved.  Host Lorraine Hahn anchors the the program from the banks of India's sacred Ganga river.  We examine the declining glaciers in the Himalayan sources of all of Asia's great rivers.  We travel to Seoul Korea where one city government has restored a badly polluted river, covered over by highways to a clean water way now enjoyed by its urban population.

Episode Four -  Alternative Energy.  Shot in China and in India, this program focuses on innovations in solar power, bio-energy, and wind technology in these regions of the world.  Trying to be weaned off coal and oil.  We begin our journey in the mines of inner Mongolia with a rare look at the face of a Chinese coal mine.  We meet Tulsa Tanti, founder of Suzlon, India's growing and innovative wind power company. In Wuxi, China we explore the research and development practices of Suzlon, with pioneering Solar Power scientist and entrepreneur Dr Shi Zhengrong.  In Delhi we meet Novel Price winner Dr. Rajendra Pachaur, the head of the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control.

Episode Five - Citizen Power.  Faced sometimes with government inaction and corporate indifference,  hundreds of individuals across Asia have taken on the task of environmental clean-up - on their own or by forming small NGO's - non-governmental organizations.  We explore citizen action and profile some remarkable individuals in China, India, and Japan.   In China we look at four activists who have met with varying degress of success: including two remarkable women who are dedicated to improving life along China's rivers and a man who works closely with China's Environmental Protection Agency to monitor more than 10,000 industries cited for environmental code violations.  In Japan, we look at how one community deals with re-cycling and in India we meet a man known for his work in waste treatment in rural communities.

Episode Six - Forest for the trees.  In this program, the Earth Factor team travels to Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia to explore the natural habitats of the region. We examine the state of the rain forests in Indonesia, explore eco-tourism in the region, and ask whether the use of palm oil as an alternative fuel is ecologically sound or poses even more dangers for Malaysia's environment.
(more episodes coming soon)
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