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Earth Factor You

In each episode in a feature we call
we profile individuals trying to make
a difference on environmental matters.   

We invite you- the viewers and readers of our website -
to offer your suggestions on people "making a difference"
in environmental good works. 

e-mail us your suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Daniel Cheng in Hong Kong  - recycles oil


Zee Zee Zhong teaches high school children in Shanghai environmental awareness


Ron Yeo is a nature guide and preservationist in Singapore


As our program is aired in various markets, we are receiving an increasing number of comments.

"Excellent program on the environment seen here in Los Angeles last week.
I hope there may be more like it.
Congratulations to the Noble Group for sponsoring such a program.   

Julie Lawrence, Los Angeles, May 1, 2009


"I saw a documentary made by Earth Factor over the weekend on
environment protection in China
and I really liked your crew's work.  It was excellent. 
We need more exposure of developments in Asia here in
the United States."

Jo Ray Rylee
1342 Calumet Ave, #2
Los Angeles, CA

28 April 2009


"I just saw your excellent documentary on Public TV here in the USA.
I'd really like to use it for a class I teach about developing country issues.
Is it available for sale to educational institutions?  
Perhaps a sponsor could promote it for that purpose.
The sponsor would receive good representation.    
FYI, I lived in Malaysia for a number of years, and travelled in the
region quite a bit. That is a big reason for my interest in this documentary.
It also brought back good memories seeing some of the village scenes. 
I saw the program on WHYY Ch 12 in Philadelphia at 3pm on April 12, 2009"


Michael Olan
Professor of Computer Science & Info Systems

Richard Stockton College
Pomona, NJ 08240
April 14, 2009


"I saw the environmental show about the Asian area produced by
Earth Factor.    Just wanted to say, great job. 
it's very encouraging to me as a 73yr old grandfather,
to know that there are people all over the world,
aside from political considerations, that want to do their part. 
maybe someday their will be more folks who finally get the
environmental message that we need to change our ways.  
many thanks to all the good people who took part in this
television endeavor.   sincerely"

richard taylor


Date: Apr 13, 2009 


"Dear Earth Factor
I am a professor at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.
I saw the video "earth factor making a difference" on PBS in my area
and I would like to show that to my students this semester. 
Could you help us ? It would be important for their education. 
Perhaps there is a sponsor willing to promote your films for
educational purposes across the United States"

Mei-ling Wang MPH PHD
Associate Professor

University of the Sciences
March 27, 2009 11:04 AM


"I just watched the fabulous production you put together –
“Making A Difference” in the San Francisco Bay area last week.
You may well be aware of these resources, but just in case
you aren’t, I thought I’d write and let you know about some
other efforts that are quite related.  Very briefly:
This is an international group based in DC, working on forest


This is a networking society of thought leaders in market
mechanisms and incentives for conservation

This is the global information service on these issues instigated
by the Katoomba Group (which I designed and served as
the first Editor-in-Chief)
www.ecosystemmarketplace.com "

Very best wishes,

Adam Davis | President | Solano Partners, Inc. "  

December 18, 2008
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