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Earth Factor Asia
A Video Series for Environmental Awareness

With Regular Online Updates

Highlighting environmental issues and solutions in the Asia region.
Target market:  
Environmentally conscious viewers with an interest in Asia in the United States and other key international regions.  

Environmental Awareness Continues in 2013.

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Keep up-to-date on issues related to our video  series.

For detail on what TV channels around the world have aired episodes of Earth Factor Asia.  
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The one hour video - "Earth Factor Asia: Making a Difference" was first accepted in 2009 for broadcast by NETA [the National Education Television Association] in North America. If you live in the United States contact  NETA at
www.netaonline.org to arrange broadcast in your area. In 2011-2012, MAKING A DIFFERENCE was aired through MHZ Networks in Virginia USA.  A production of Focus Asia Productions Ltd. Hong Kong and Jim Laurie 

To provide a solutions-based approach in tackling environmental issues in the most populous and fastest growing region of the world with a special focus on China.
Funded in part by:
Major environmentally conscious corporate sponsors and foundations.
In America - through NETA, MHZ, American Public Television 
In Britain and Europe by SW Pictures Ltd. London.
and by Focus Asia Productions Hong Kong Ltd., distribution to cable, satellite & terrestrial channels in the Asia region.
 Earth Factor Asia with Lorraine Hahn -- Click on Promo Video Below
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